Why does the US hate Iran? There are no sensible reasons

Ted Rall

The nation is Iran. And the reaction is ridiculous.

Carsons Post

Ted Rall consistently puts the opaque into perspective and he does it with this column about the US incoherent enmity towards Iran.

Ted Rall

The nation is Iran. And the reaction is ridiculous.

“The Evil Has Landed,” shrieked the headline of the New York Daily News on the occasion of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speeches at the United Nations and Columbia University. A “madman,” Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post spat, setting the tone for a week of Bizarro News. On “60 Minutes,” the Iranian president said there was no reason his country and ours couldn’t be friends–even the best of friends.

“La la la la–we can’t hear you” was the response.

“Is it the goal of your government, the goal of this nation to build a nuclear weapon?” CBS News’ Scott Pelley asked Ahmadinejad.

He replied: “You have to appreciate we don’t need a nuclear bomb. We…

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Free Market System and Legalized Prostitution


I was engaged in an online discussion with someone who asked whether I want prostitution regulated because of some alleged beneficial factors like more taxes, sanitation and the need to protect people or clients from sexually transmitted diseases.

Here’s how this conversation started. I was asked the following question:

“In case prostitution becomes legal in the Philippines, would you want it regulated? If it were regulated then sex workers and brothels and other marketplaces of the flesh would need to pay taxes, health, sanitary permits and comply to age requirements on their businesses. Would you want that or would you want the free market to dictate the expansion of the prostitution industry?”

I found the topic interesting so I gave the following reply:

No. I don’t want prostitution regulated. Even if you regulate prostitution, just like gambling, people would still have the free will to prostitute or sell their body…

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Florida Politics still not hitting adulthood.

Last night’s debate between Incumbent Governor Rick Scott and Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist started a bit late. The issue wasn’t over anything major, Rick Scott was citing a rule in the debate guidelines that states no electronic devices will be present at the speaker’s podium or lectern. Charlie Crist insisted on having a fan under his lectern and refused to give way to the demands of the Scott Campaign.

Besides adult behavior, also missing from this debate were other candidates in the race to become Florida’s next governor. Adrian Wyllie of the Libertarian Party had been denied inclusion into this debate. Citing other rules of the debate forum CNN, who hosted the debate, did not included Wyllie or two other candidates who are running independent of political party affiliation. Supporters for Wyllie were present at the location of the debate as well as on scene as Wyllie gave his own responses to the debate questions in a nearby hotel.


On Wage Slavery

I think “Wage Slavery” is a false term.
Wages are what employees gain from their service and labor to their employer. It is an act of voluntary exchange on the part of both parties. If wages were not gained by this service then slavery would exist, in the presence of wages though it is merely employment by mutual terms.

Slavery, historically, is the position of a person who through compulsion is held against their will and forced (by threat of violence)to work for the gain of the “slaveholder or slave master”.

Using the word wages in conjunction with the word slavery does two things. One it lowers the definition of wages to the negative connotation of being forced to work for the benefit of another without ANY reimbursement. Secondly it tends to negate the real horrors of real slavery that has happened and is still happening around the world.

The term “wage slavery” defined deals with those wages that are so low that a person who is employed relies on them just for basic survival. Of course wages should be used in the pursuit of survival and any wants left to be pursued, if that is the want of the wage earner. One cannot force a person to use their own property in any other way that they do not wish.

Hereto we must interject on the reverse side of this issue. Mandatory wage and Minimum wage laws handed down from government bureaus and departments. These laws force businesses and businesses owners to provide wages beyond that of market value or personal labor value. These laws almost always lead to higher prices in market goods as the mandatory minimum wages are offset in the businessman’s pursuit to maintain certain levels of profit.

Wage Slavery is a false point being made by those that wish to direct the affairs of businesses that do not affect them in the personal way.

New Post-Snowden Leaks Reveal Secret Details of U.S. Terrorist Watch List

The US government can now assume that every Intelligence Agent is a whistle blower and is leaking docs. As it should be, If you don’t want to get caught doing something objectionable or morally wrong, you won’t have to worry about being exposed if you just refrain from doing it in the first place.


The U.S. government believes that someone other than former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has recently leaked secret national-security documents to the media, an official confirmed Tuesday.

The documents, published by the Intercept on Tuesday, detail the growth of federal terrorist watch lists. They were drafted after Snowden fled prosecution in the U.S. for Russia, when he no longer had access to classified intelligence networks.

CNN first reported that the government has assessed a second source of the documents. Classified as “secret” with instructions not to reveal them to foreign nationals, the documents would have been available broadly throughout the intelligence community and the military on the classified SIPRNet, the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network, the system predominantly used by former Army Private Bradley Manning to collect documents to pass to WikiLeaks.

That network is open to a vastly larger audience than the top-secret-level JWICS, the Joint Worldwide Intelligence…

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The James Foley Video.

I finally watched the Foley “beheading” video and along with that 3 others from people claiming to be of the same group ISIS, ISIL or any of their other aliases. To note that in every other video these groups or people have never cut away while the victim was being beheaded and the presence of large amounts of blood from the very beginning of the cutting, it is missing from the Foley video and the cutaway that takes place. Along with that there is the higher tech that was used in the Foley video to place a small waving ISIS flag in the upper corner of the video, it is not to say that the groups have not been able to acquire the equipment or knowledge to do this, but that is out of routine for them to do so. I also noticed a part of the Foley video that seems to imply a portion had to be cut away for some unknown reason.

All in all I am not going to say that Foley is still alive and it was all just a rouse, it seems very much like a staged event and one that sets a new precedent for what will happen in those countries as America and the world deals with what is going on.

Video experts have been analyzing this video since it’s release and some have noted the very same instances and examples as I have. It is not to say that any of us are correct but that there are others who have the experience to make a judgement call on this video.

In closing I do feel sorry for Foley’s parents, his family and friends. It is a sad state of affairs that a man who was in a country for the sole purpose of journalism was captured, tortured and ultimately killed for the actions of others. Time will tell if these instances will continue or if more aggressive means will be used to prevent the groups in those countries from moving forward with their plans.

I will not link the video, as anyone can easily find it themselves and I do not want to advance the viewership of anyone promoting it as an acceptable means of behavior or entertainment in any way.

What I do have to say of the message in the video. The member of ISIS uses the intervention into Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other Middle Eastern Nations as their purpose of this act. As a non-interventionist I believe that all  intervention has effects such as this, as does all foreign aid. Both of these policies drive a hatred of America because of an act perpetrated by American Politicians. it is far past time for others to realize this. This can be a lesson for a new direction in foreign policy or it can be used as a propaganda tool for furthering the intervention and increased wartime spending and operations.