Florida Politics still not hitting adulthood.

Last night’s debate between Incumbent Governor Rick Scott and Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist started a bit late. The issue wasn’t over anything major, Rick Scott was citing a rule in the debate guidelines that states no electronic devices will be present at the speaker’s podium or lectern. Charlie Crist insisted on having a fan under his lectern and refused to give way to the demands of the Scott Campaign.

Besides adult behavior, also missing from this debate were other candidates in the race to become Florida’s next governor. Adrian Wyllie of the Libertarian Party had been denied inclusion into this debate. Citing other rules of the debate forum CNN, who hosted the debate, did not included Wyllie or two other candidates who are running independent of political party affiliation. Supporters for Wyllie were present at the location of the debate as well as on scene as Wyllie gave his own responses to the debate questions in a nearby hotel.



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